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JUNE 2014
A new site is in the making! Only Mailorder, Soundcloud, Releases and Contact are kept up to date at the moment.

Regular news found on Facebook <here>

19th Mar 2010
The return
The new shop is coming - beware!!

The first release since 2006 will be coming 2010. Planned at the moment is Wolfslair - Odin 2LP (which will feature a remastered version of Odin, their 1994 "Praise The Lord" demo and some previously unreleased rehearsal tracks) in a small pressing 200-300 copies. Next up after that is the vinyl version of Ad Noctum - The Excellence Of Supremacy 2LP - if there will be any exclusive tracks to the vinyl is still unknown.

13th Sep 2009
PHP upgrade
We've experienced problems with upgrading the webhotel to a newer version, this has delayed the planned webshop some. But we're back on track!

On a different note:
Upcoming Metal Magic gigs:
Anal Vomit/Bloody Sign/Deus Otiosus
Artillery/Denial Of God/Serpent Saints
Noctural Graves/Angantyr/Pustulation

Metal Magic Festival part 3 (8-9-10 juli 2010)

7th Aug 2009
PHP problems
We are currently experiencing php problem after an update that is necesary for the coming webshop. 2-3 weeks and we're hopefully up and running - in the meantime it's going to be more or less out of order.